Still Hungry

I have zero excuses for why I have not written a single entry since December. As in 2014.  Much has changed, but not so much in the day-to-day scheme of things.

Earlier this year, I left a job that was making my life increasingly more miserable. And, since that glorious day in February, my happiness index has gone up exponentially and has thankfully stayed that way. I guess the experience was positive in a way that I now really and truly know that I’d really and truly better do what I love to do, or else. A wake-up call of sorts.

Immediately after I quit, Joe was made redundant by his company HQ in Paris as part of their overseas restructuring. From his office, Joe sent me a long text explaining the situation. First of all, when a man of few words sends you a long ass text, it’s rarely good news. I speak from experience. Then, he made the mistake of ending his message with the words, “Please don’t freak out.” Cue panic mode. I remember looking out the window with a heavy heart and even the sky was an ominous grey that afternoon.

We tried to handle the situation as best as we could by immediately booking a two-week holiday to the Philippines. 😀


Why mope here when tropical paradise awaits a mere three hours away by plane? It is one of the smartest decisions we have made together. A combination of the blazing tropical sun and the salty ocean water has healing powers like no other. We swear by it. All we did was dive three times daily, look out at the vast Pacific from the boat in between dives, nap, eat good food, read and sleep like babies every night. We returned to Seoul, tanned and healed, ready to battle any shitstorm that blew our way.

I am happy to say that things have been smooth sailing since. Joe proposed in late March! We’ll be having a small intimate garden wedding in Seoul in May, followed by one in Joe’s hometown in Portugal in August, also attended by our closest family and friends. Oh, and Joe got a new job that he loves and he’s never been happier!


Aside from my regular gigs here and there, I am working on freelance projects. We are leaving for Paris in 12 days for our belated summer vacation that will also take us to Barcelona, Zaragoza, Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Tarbes, Loire and Le Mans. After we return, we’ll be moving to our new home located in my absolute favorite area in Seoul. I am also starting cooking classes this fall with a friend.

Life has never been better, and I am still hungry.


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